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I have been involved as an Expert Witness in 45 aviation cases, using the experience and education gained in my career. I have worked both plaintiff and defense sides and have always been accepted by the court (no successful Daubert challenges). These cases have involved Military, Large Corporate, General Aviation, and Homebuilt Aircraft, many involving fatalities.

  1. Experimental Aircraft A second owner of an experimental aircraft was killed along with his passenger during a crash resulting from non-acrobatic maneuvering flight. The passenger’s estate sued for loss of earnings. The court held the owner was not responsible for the accident.
  2. Stall Spin Accident A student and instructor were killed after loss of control during stall practice maneuvers. Although the aircraft was fitted with a ballistic recovery parachute it did not deploy properly. Other issues were exposed concerning the aircraft manufacturer’s adequacy of spin testing and design installation and deployment mechanization of the ballistic recovery parachute.
  3. Flight Test of a Large Corporate Aircraft A large corporate jet powered aircraft was lost during flight testing and four crew members were killed after being unable to exit the burning aircraft. There was a serious breakdown in upper management review of flight test results and undesirable pressure brought on the company’s flight test organization to proceed through flight test. The company’s inability to put the brakes on flight test progress when serious aerodynamic problems were encountered caused the accident.
  4. Light Sport Flying Service A highly entrepreneurial flying service using un-certificated light sport aircraft for low altitude scenic flights suffered a pilot and passenger fatal accident. As this company used un-certificated aircraft for hire, which is strictly prohibited by law, the court ruled favorably in the suit brought against the flying service and effectively terminated the business.
  5. Military Aircraft A military fighter aircraft encountered engine problems on take-off and subsequently crashed into a housing complex. The crew ejected and no one on the ground was injured or killed, but there was substantial loss of property. The primary cause was revealed to be an un-secured drop tank fuel cap.
  6. Warbird Crash A foreign built warbird was used to give jet aircraft “joy ride” experience to winners of a charity raffle. The aged pilot suffered a momentary misjudgment during extremely low altitude maneuvering flight and allowed the airplane to impact the ground. The subsequent crash killed all aboard.
Expert Witness Cases Types:

I have served as an expert witness or consultant to law firms in both plaintiff and defense cases involving the following types of aircraft:

General Aviation

Beechcraft BE-36 / 55 / 76 / 200

Cessna 172 (4) / 206 / 402 / 421 / Citation

Cirrus SR 20 / 22

Piper PA-30 / 32 / 38 / 46






Hawker Hunter

BAE Hawk

Experimental Aircraft

Edge 540

Kit Fox

Lancair 4P

Tanarg 912

Corporate Aircraft

Gulfstream – 650



Other Category

Avionics Shop Loss