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Career Summary

This short summary covers my 52 years of flying experience, which includes 7000 hours in 99 different types of aircraft and 11 years flight testing Navy fighter airplanes. Further, my experience includes 225 combat missions in Vietnam and 300 carrier landings on Navy ships. As a Marine Officer and Navy test pilot and graduate of the Navy Test Pilot School at the Naval Air Test Center, Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland and the Naval Aviation Safety Center courses given at the Naval Station Monterey, I have received formal education on a wide variety of both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft operations.

I held the position of Chief Test Pilot for the F/A-18 Full Scale Development program. My team of engineers and test pilots (including me) flew and evaluated the F/A-18 during the airplane’s development to discover over 1,000 discrepancies in the original design. We evaluated corrections to these discrepancies and verified their effectiveness in meeting requirements. In that capacity, I was required to interface with contractor personnel in the development of each corrective action, to author my own technical reports, edit and approve the reports of other members of the Navy test team, and to maintain and flight schedule up to 12 chase aircraft as well as the 10 experimental development aircraft. In other assignments I was a squadron operations officer, an aircraft maintenance officer, and a fighter squadron commander.

I was also director of the Navy's Test Pilot School (NTPS). In that capacity, I managed the certification of the school's product, test pilots, and I was responsible for the management and scheduling of 35 different aircraft used at the school. Of the school's 35 aircraft approximately 12 were helicopters. At NTPS my responsibilities included management of a 22 million-dollar annual budget and supervision of all attached personnel, aircraft maintenance, personnel management, overall safety supervision, and the supervision of student and instructor pilots. Thus, I have been trained in and have held positions involving all aspects of flight operations and aviation safety including flight scheduling operations, aircraft maintenance, background support, recordkeeping, and maintenance verification (quality control).

For 15 years after uniformed service, I held the position of Chief Engineer with the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corporation / Boeing Aircraft Company. In that capacity I managed the design of several advanced aircraft, was involved with assessments of foreign military technology developments, headed a company funded group to redesign the Space Shuttle's avionics systems, and was program manager of the Active Aeroelastic Wing (AAW) research program, otherwise known as the X-53 aircraft. After retirement from corporate service, I served as pilot for Drury Inns and Practice Link corporations flying their executives all over the Mid-West. I have built and maintain my own experimental aircraft, which I fly regularly and for which I have been issued an FAA repairman's certificate.

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